Post-myelography paraplegia in a woman with thoracic stenosis Journal Article

Authors: Soliman HM; Soliman, Hesham M; Arnold PM; Arnold, Paul M; Madarang EJ; Madarang, Ernest J
Article Title: Post-myelography paraplegia in a woman with thoracic stenosis
Abstract: CONTEXT: Myelography is a commonly performed diagnostic test used to assess spine pathology. Complications are unusual and usually self-limited. We report a rare case of transient paraplegia following myelography in a woman with thoracic stenosis. FINDINGS: A 51-year-old woman, 20 months status post-thoracic laminectomy, presented with progressive lower extremity weakness. The patient underwent myelography and post-myelography CT, and became paraplegic after the lumbar injection. Intravenous steroids were administered and a lumbar puncture was performed. The patient's neurologic function returned to baseline over the next 96 hours. Conclusion and clinical relevance: Myelography is generally a safe procedure, but on rare occasions serious complications can arise. Therapeutic maneuvers may be helpful in reversing neurologic deficit.
Journal Title: The journal of spinal cord medicine
Volume: 36
Issue: 3
ISSN: 1079-0268
Publisher: Maney Publishing  
Publication Place: England
Date Published: 2013-05
Start Page: 247
End Page: 9
Language: eng
Identifier: 23809597
Notes: In-Data-Review